Introducing The Sleepies

Introducing The Sleepies

8 November 2021 • Words by Ian Trayler 2 mins

Moshi is excited to introduce Sleepies, our new cuddly bedtime buddies, and our next product in our pursuit of bringing the world of Moshi Sleep and Mindfulness to life for your kids. These adorable sleep companions are here to help your little one doze off faster and bring the magic of Moshi into your home.

Cozy up and snuggle down with our very first plush toy characters, blending the enchanting world of Moshi with your little one’s bedtime routine to create easier, faster, and more enjoyable bedtimes.

Meet the Sleepies

While our cuddle bedtime buddies are weighted just enough so that they feel like a warm hug, they’re just as unique as your little one. Let’s meet our newest Sleepies.

sleepies toy


SleepyPaws is a snoozy koala with a soft cuddly corduroy belly and a Moshi favorite. Featured in ‘Close Your Eyes SleepyPaws’ and our deep breathing exercise for kids, SleepyPaws will take your little one on a melodic moonlit journey across the dreamy world of Moshi.


Nodkins is an adorable bedtime bunny with big floppy ears and bright eyes. Featured in ‘Nodkin’s Nap Time Dream,’ this little guy dream hops in search of fun and other Moshlings night after night.

Bedtime Made Easier

Research shows that a whopping 72% of parents feel that bedtime is the most stressful part of their day. That’s where Moshi comes in. With new content added weekly, Moshi features a vast and ever-growing library of original Moshi Stories, Meditations, Music, and Sounds to help your little one drift off faster.

Moshi’s audio stories help your little ones unwind from stressful days and have a better night’s sleep, allowing you to catch up on some much-needed zzz’s too. In fact, in a recent study conducted by NYU, scientists discovered that on average:

Now, your little one can cuddle up with an adorable bedtime buddy as they drift off to the soothing stories and sounds of Moshi.

Not familiar with Moshi? That’s ok! You and your little ones can enjoy a free 30-day trial with the purchase of a Sleepies plush toy.

  • Ian Trayler