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How Moshi Can Help with Classroom Anxiety

With school back in session, Moshi is here to support teachers and students through stress and anxiety. Here’s how…

12 October 2021

Routines are the Calm Within the Back-to-School Storm

This school year will be unlike any other, but routines can be helpful for keeping stress and anxiety in check. Here’s how Moshi can help.

10 August 2021

How Moshi Uses Music to Support Transitions in the Classroom

Classroom transitions can be tricky for little ones (and their teachers) to navigate…but they don’t have to be. Here are some ways Moshi Music can be used to guide your students through them smoothly.

6 August 2021
child in classroom with moshlings

Creativity in the Classroom: How Moshi Uses Fun Characters to Teach SEL

Creativity in SEL education can have a pretty powerful impact, and SEL education has never been more fun with these Moshi characters.

23 June 2021
teacher managing classroom with Moshi for schools on the screen

5 Ways Moshi Can Help You Manage Your Classroom

Classroom management is a colossal task for teachers. Here are five ways Moshi for Schools can help you manage your own classroom.

14 June 2021
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