How to Improve Preschool Nap Time with Moshi

Krista is a Junior Kindergarten Teacher at Immaculate Conception Cathedral School in Memphis, TN.  She was searching for music or other soft-spoken stories to use during her classroom’s naptime when she came upon Moshi. Here is what she has to say about her experience with using Moshi in her classroom. 


My biggest frustration point was finding the right music to soothe everyone. When I found Moshi, I sampled the Stories and realized it would give the children something to focus on instead of wiggling around during nap time.  The wide selection of Stories is awesome and we can go through the whole school year and never hear the same story twice. It’s a new adventure daily! 

Now that I use Stories during nap time, the children are very focused on the Stories and are usually asleep before the story ends. I play one story, usually linked to our current theme (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) If the Music from the Story is available in the app, I create a custom playlist with the Story and the Music and play the music on repeat for the remainder of rest time. 

I also use Meditations during transitions and to help with their social-emotional development.  It’s especially helpful during transitions such as taking turns using the restroom and getting prepared for the next activities. I dim the lights to create a calming mood which helps the children to practice being mindful during the meditation and to focus on what the meditation is about. This also helps the children learn calming techniques and other social-emotional exercises such as problem-solving and inner anxiety calming. 

It was very easy to get started with Moshi.

Moshi has more selections of Stories than alternative options that I’ve used and I’m able to find Stories that go with our current themes. I love that teachers can access Moshi for Schools for free and that it truly does help with rest and focus. 

Sign up for your free subscription to Moshi for Schools and create a custom playlist for your classroom. Here are a few of Krista’s favorites to get you started: 

Story: The Twilight Twit-Twoos of Professor Feathersnooze

Story: The Moshling of the Opera

Story: Kazuki’s Silent Wish 

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