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A Simple Guide to Mindfulness for Kids

Mindfulness is popping up in child-specific media more and more each day but there’s still so much fogginess around what it actually means, why it’s so important, and how to get our kids actively practicing it. It can be a confusing world to navigate, so we’ve created a guide to introducing mindfulness to kids.

How do you explain mindfulness to kids? 

Simply put, mindfulness means focusing your attention on one single thing and becoming completely present in the moment. It means clearing your mind of clutter and distractions so you can slow down and step into a fully aware state. By practicing mindfulness, your kids can learn to take their time and understand all of their thoughts, feelings, and sensations. 

Practicing mindfulness is important for children because it teaches them to understand why they feel, instead of just what they feel, and helps them to better understand and control their emotions.

Is mindfulness good for kids?

From improved mental health to better situational awareness, mindfulness has direct and indirect benefits on kids’ wellbeing. Here are a few of the positive effects of practicing mindfulness at a young age:

Ultimately, being mindful helps our kids live happier and healthier lives.

How do I begin practicing mindfulness with my kids

According to the New York Times, children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness, however by the age of four children are able to learn mindful skills they can use on their own. Given the focus on slowing down and being in the present moment, it’s no wonder that meditation is one of the most effective ways for young kids to start practicing mindfulness.

Meditation is the act of calming the mind, practicing presence, and relaxing the body. It’s widely known as one of the most beneficial activities for any age, which is why getting our little ones started early can help them live more balanced and healthier lives.

Thrive Global shares that some benefits of meditation for kids are:

Meditation allows us to focus inward and simply slow down.

What are some mindfulness exercises for kids?

Making mindfulness fun is a great way to introduce your little ones to the practice of mindful living.

Looking for more ideas? Here are 7 calming mindfulness activities for kids in every age group, from kid-friendly yoga to sensory play.

How do I teach my child meditation? 

Mindfulness through meditation is a great way for kids to unwind from a busy day and begin to calm their bodies and minds for a restful night of sleep. Here are a few ways to teach children how to get started.

Curious what guided meditations sound like? Check out this sample of a mindful meditation practice available on the Moshi sleep and mindfulness app:

With hundreds of soothing stories, guided meditations, and guided breathing exercises, Moshi is a great way to get started on the journey to mindfulness with your little one.

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