Your Most Pressing Sleep Questions, Answered!

We partnered with our friends at Khan Academy Kids to learn what sleep topics are on the minds of parents. There were so many that this is part 1 of a two-part blog post addressing all of your questions. And, thank you to our friend and sleep expert, Dr. Azizi Seixas for his contribution in answering all of these great questions! 

Q: What is an appropriate bedtime for a 3-year-old? And how do I know what an “appropriate” bedtime is for him/her as he/she gets older?

Q: If my kid is waking up too early in the morning (like, 5:30 am), what can I do? Do I push back his bedtime?

Q: How do you get the little one to nap if the big one isn’t napping. (They share a room so it is very apparent that the other one isn’t napping.)

Q: How do I know when my child is ready to switch from a crib to a bed?

Q: How do we transition from a co-sleeping situation to separate rooms? 

Q: My child keeps coming out of their room after bedtime. I’m not doing anything fun, but they seem to think they are missing something. How do I convince them to stay in bed?

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