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Cali the Moonlit Mermaid

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Collections | Bedtime Stories

Cali the Moonlit Mermaid

Snuggle down, close your eyes, cosy up and relax. Tonight we’re journeying way beneath the moonlit Moshi ocean, to a secret coral kingdom, to meet a little Moshling Mermaid called Cali…

Beneath the sea…

Just you and me

Our hearts run free

Love holds the key

Moshling Mermaids live beneath the waves of Potion Ocean

And the lullabies they sing are known to conjure sweet emotions

They sometimes sit upon the rocks and sing themselves to sleep

But they’re made to follow rules about the company they keep

See, Moshling Mermaids mustn’t mix with creatures from the land

It’s Mermaid law, and anyone who breaks it will be banned…

…from the underwater city where the mermaids live and play

A secret coral kingdom, not far from Clamshell Bay

But Cali doesn’t understand this silly ancient law

And often watches Moshlings from afar play on the shore

Tonight she’s humming twilight tunes on rocks quite near the beach

When out of nowhere boats pass by, just beyond her reach

Beneath the sea…

Just you and me

Our hearts run free

Love holds the key

As the boats pass Cali spots a Moshling in the ocean

Splashing in the bobbing waves and causing a commotion

It seems he’s tumbled overboard and is tangled in the kelp

So ignoring ancient Mermaid Law, Cali tries to help

She slinks into the water and grabs the flailing fellow

Then hums a quite enchanting tune that’s calming, sweet and mellow

She pulls him back towards the beach, and rests him on the sand

And listens to his heartbeat as she gently holds his hand

His eyes begin to flicker; he’s returned from the abyss

So Cali jumps back in the sea, but first gives him a kiss

The Moshling sits up realizing he’s been in some distress

But has no clue his rescuer is actually a princess

Beneath the sea…

Just you and me

Our hearts run free

Love holds the key

Linton is the Moshling, who Cali bravely saved

And now he’s back home, wishing he’d said thanks, or simply waved

He remembers Cali’s lovely face and the haunting, dreamy tune

That she hummed before she kissed him, beneath the silvery moon

He decides that he must seek her out, though just like you and me

Linton’s not a mermaid and cannot breathe beneath the sea

But he’s heard that mermaids sometimes gather on the starlit rocks

To sing sweet songs and watch the moon and brush their flowing locks

He takes a boat and rows towards the place where he fell in

And hopes he’ll spot his saviour… or at least her graceful fin

Meanwhile deep beneath the waves, Cali can’t stop thinking

About the little Moshling that she helped cos he was sinking

Beneath the sea…

Just you and me

Our hearts run free

Love holds the key

Cali’s in her coral kingdom, in her clamshell room

And even though it’s wondrous here, she feels a sense of gloom

She loves her fellow mermaids and her ocean home’s delightful

But this rule about outsiders, is really rather frightful

As twilight falls she swims towards the rocks to sing her songs

And though she has her doubts, she knows the sea’s where she belongs

Surfacing she sees a boat and Linton hears the splosh

And as he turns around he sees her, gulps, and says, “Oh, gosh!”

Feeling bashful, Cali smiles and says, “Remember me?”

“Of course I do” says Linton, “You saved me from the sea”

He throws an anchor overboard and gives Cali some flowers

And then the pair sit on the rocks and laugh and chat for hours

Beneath the sea…

Just you and me

Our hearts run free

Love holds the key

Linton tells his mermaid friend how lonely life can be

And why he longs to join her way beneath the deep blue sea

“My friends that I go boating with don’t seem to understand

That I’ve always felt more suited to the ocean than the land…

“Unfortunately, as you know, I can’t breathe underwater”

“We’ll see about that!” Cali smiles… “For I’m the Emperor’s daughter…

As a royal mermaid, I’m more than half a fish…

You see, I have the power, to grant a special wish”

She kisses Linton softly, which takes his breath away

Then embraces him as they descend beneath the moonlit bay

Linton shuts his eyes till he can hold his breath no more

But when he breathes it feels just like it does when he’s ashore

Beneath the sea…

Just you and me

Our hearts run free

Love holds the key

Cali and her new friend Linton glide through Rainbow Reef

The sights and sounds surrounding them are quite beyond belief

Kaleidoscopic schools of fish with graceful glowing tails

Flitter round accompanied by the lullabies of whales

Holding hands with Cali as they glide towards the city

Linton glances round and whispers, “Gosh, you’re very pretty”

“You’re not so bad yourself”  laughs Cali, tightening her grip

While Linton thanks the stars above he took that boating trip

The coral kingdom’s now upon them, shimmering like gold

And as the couple enter, they’re a strange sight to behold

The other mermaids stop and stare, for they cannot believe

That Cali’s used her magic to help a Moshling breathe

Beneath the sea…

Just you and me

Our hearts run free

Love holds the key

Cali’s dad, the Emperor, is duly unimpressed

“Why are you canoodling with this uninvited guest?”

“He’s my friend!” says Cali, “And he’s actually really nice…

I like him very much and need to give YOU some advice”

The Emperor rubs his seaweed beard, “Why, Cali, this is strange”

But listens as his daughter tells him why things need to change…

“Even though they’re different and they don’t live in the sea

Most creatures from above the waves are just like you and me…

“They love and care and laugh and share, and some can even swim!

So it’s wrong for you to ban all contact on some ancient whim

I’m not suggesting we should give an open invitation

But there’s nothing wrong with making friends and strengthening relations”

Beneath the sea…

Just you and me

Our hearts run free

Love holds the key

The Emperor considers what Cali has just said

Then summons Linton forth, along the sandy ocean bed

“It seems my daughter feels for you, despite your wacky looks

I’ve heard about you landlubbers, but mostly just from books”

“I think it’s time you had a rethink” Linton then replies

“But I know you’ll do the right thing… cos Emperor’s are wise”

The Emperor thinks and finally extends his mighty hand

And as they shake he smiles at Linton, “Now I understand…

“Cali wouldn’t grant a wish to one not pure of heart

So I think it’s time we changed our rules and made a brand new start”

Linton bows and Cali curtsies, then they swim away

As up above in Linton’s world, the night has turned to day

Beneath the sea…

Just you and me

Our hearts run free

Love holds the key

Cali swims with Linton to a towering coral mountain

That stands beside a quite astounding rainbow bubble fountain

The happy couple sit and watch, then Linton starts to cough

It seems that Cali’s gift of breath is slowly wearing off

“I forgot to tell you” Cali smiles, “If you intend to stay

I have to grant the gift of breath, each and every day

She kisses Linton once again, allowing him to breathe

And then he grins and says, “Trust me… I never want to leave”

They watch the bubbles rising towards the surface up above

And hope their romance helps to teach both worlds to learn to love

Goodnight… and sweet dreams

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