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Lights Out, Tuco

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Collections | Bedtime Stories

Lights Out, Tuco

Hello… Tonight we’re going to meet Tuco, a Garish Glamingo – and one of the brightest Super Moshlings of all. So make yourself comfy, snuggle down and relax. And if you can, turn off the lights, because Tuco lives in Neon Park, a kaleidoscopically colourful  tropical paradise where night time never falls.

Lights out Tuco, it’s easier to sleep
Lights out Tuco, your dreams will be so sweet

Sometimes when you go to bed and turn off all the lights
The silly thoughts that fill your mind can lead to sleepless nights
But if you think it’s only you who’s not keen on the dark
Spare a thought for Tuco ‘cos he lives in Neon Park
It’s never dark in Neon Park, the place is always gleaming
And many folks who visit think they’re seeing things or dreaming
Its glitzy purple palm trees fringe huge lakes of tangerine
It really is the brightest Moshi place you’ve ever seen
The plants are striped, the grass is blue, it’s tricky to describe
The whole place has a tropical, kaleidoscopic vibe
As everything’s so vibrant, it’s hard to sleep at night
So most Glamingos close their blinds and turn off all the lights

Lights out Tuco, it’s easier to sleep
Lights out Tuco, your dreams will be so sweet

Tuco finds it difficult adjusting to the dark
He’s used to vivid colours so the contrast feels too stark
See, Tuco’s a Glamingo, a very garish fellow
His feathers are the brightest pink, his beak is brilliant yellow
He spends his days in Neon Park, relaxing in the glades
While sipping fancy mocktails wearing retro plastic shades
He loves the buzz and colour of this wild exotic land
But when it comes to bedtime, he needs a helping hand
Sleeping in a dark room makes Tuco feel quite strange
But he needs to get to sleep at night, so all this has to change
He’s going to ask some Moshling friends if they have any tips
About getting used to darkness  – and other lights out tricks

Lights out Tuco, it’s easier to sleep
Lights out Tuco, your dreams will be so sweet

First off, Tuco wants to know why darkness is so great?
Dazzling lights are very reassuring when it’s late
If your days are bright and beautiful, shouldn’t nights be too?
Maybe Tuco needs to hear a different point of view?
He meets up with a Wumple, which is always very nice
‘Cos Wumple’s are renowned for giving sensible advice
The Wumple’s name is Wuzzle, he’s considerate and wise
“Remove your shades please Tuco, I’d like to see your eyes!”
Tuco lifts his sunglasses and Wuzzle takes a peek
“Look at those dark circles, you need some proper sleep”
“I worry when the lights go out,” says Tuco, looking weary
“I start imagining things that make me jittery and teary”

Lights out Tuco, it’s easier to sleep
Lights out Tuco, your dreams will be so sweet

Wuzzle looks at Tuco with a warm and friendly grin
“No need to make your room pitch black, just try to make it dim
Turn the lights off gradually, it’s easier that way
Especially if you want to quash the tricks your mind might play
“Keep your bedroom tidy, put nice things on the wall
Then when twilight comes around, to dreamland you will fall
Darkness helps you mellow out, so think of things you love
It’s soothing and will help your mind give scary thoughts the shove
“Going to bed with glaring lights is not at all relaxing
Even if you’re really tired and just feel like collapsing
Light can keep your mind awake, so try to keep things dark
After all, each day’s a bright one here in Neon Park”

Lights out Tuco, it’s easier to sleep
Lights out Tuco, your dreams will be so sweet

Tuco thanks his Wumple friend but wants to find out more
So he wanders towards a group of Moshlings playing by the shore
First he asks a little Potty Pipsqueak known as Pooky
Then a Warrior Wombat, called General Fuzuki
Next he meets a Pluff then gets some answers from a Hoodoo
He even asks a Ram-a-Lamb Adingdong what pink sheep do?
All of them agree that turning lights off is the best
Especially if you want to get a really good night’s rest
“Please try to dim your lights tonight,” his Moshling friends all beg
“We know that you can do it Tuco, standing on one leg”
So Tuco takes a deep breath and heads home to his nest
Deciding he will try out what his Moshling friends suggest

Lights out Tuco, it’s easier to sleep
Lights out Tuco, your dreams will be so sweet

It’s getting late in Neon Park and Tuco’s almost ready
For beddy-byes and lullabies and cuddling his teddy
It’s bright outside (as always) so he pulls down all the blinds
Then listens to some bedtime tunes for added peace of mind
He rearranges objects that cast shadows on the wall
‘Till finally there’s nothing to unsettle him at all
He switches off the bedroom light and dims his bedside lamp
Determined that he’s going to be a darkness lovin’ champ
A few sleeps later Tuco’s learnt that darkness is a friend
His new routine is something he can highly recommend
Sleep is deeper, dreams are sweeter, nodding off is a breeze
And now this truly bright Glamingo finally agrees


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