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Ping the Paddleboarding Panda

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Collections | Bedtime Stories

Ping the Paddleboarding Panda

Listen… can you hear the sound of waves? We’re in Lush Lagoon, a tropical paradise somewhere in the world of Moshi… so make yourself comfortable… close your eyes and try to picture yourself relaxing on the beach right now.
The sun is shining up in the clear blue sky… and the waves are lapping onto the soft pinkish sands of the beautiful beach, which is dotted with palm trees swaying in the warm gentle breeze.
The ocean is so clear that you can still see sand and small fragments of pearly shell through the waves every time they wash over the beach… in, and then back out… in, and then back out…
If you look really closely you can see little paw prints in the sand that have almost disappeared. They belong to Ping, a cute little Moshling Panda who’s obsessed with paddleboarding…
Every day, she walks down to Lush Lagoon from her beachside shack with her paddleboard under her arm. Her paddleboard looks a little bit like a surfboard… she’s even customised it with lots of colourful tropical flowers that she painted on its smooth surface…
She lays the paddleboard in the ocean and then wades out with it into the water with her long paddle…. Then she pulls herself up onto the paddleboard as it bobs up and down on the gentle waves, and kneels on it to get her balance… once she’s knelt there for just a minute or two, she carefully stands up on the board and then uses her paddle to move her slowly through the water…
Right now she’s a few yards out to sea, not too far from the shoreline… this is where she loves to paddle, looking at the beautiful sights of Lush Lagoon… alone,  listening to the gentle sound of waves and the occasional plippity-plop of her paddle as it pushes her along… it’s sooo relaxing.
Her little furry feet are wet because the ocean sometimes laps over the surface of her paddleboard – but Ping doesn’t mind… she’s too busy gazing at the beach and the lush palm trees beyond the sand…
She can even see her little home, a cute shack made of driftwood with a little balcony that has a big seashell swing and a comfy hammock made of soft, coconut hair netting… Behind the trees, gleaming white cliffs, flecked with sparkly gems,  soar up to a jungly area where Ping sometimes looks for wamwoo shoots; delicious sprouts of Moshi yumminess that Moshling pandas adore.
As Ping paddles around the lagoon, she’s careful not to paddle too far from the shore, because the shallow, crystal clear waters beneath her are teeming with thousands of little Moshling fish, darting in and out of pearly white rocks and criss-crossing through swaying underwater plants that are all the colours of the rainbow…Ping loves gazing at this underwater world.
Right now, a school of Batty Bubblefish are swimming around Ping’s paddle, as a pair of Songful Seahorses blow bubbles beside a kaleidoscopic glittery sea sponge… Ping rests for a moment, and kneels down on her paddleboard to get a closer look… it really is a wondrous world beneath the surface.
Continuing around the edge of the Lagoon, Ping looks out to sea and spots a Whimsical Whale surfacing briefly before tumbling gracefully back beneath the ocean – perhaps it’s her good Moshling friend Lubber, who loves to swim around the world of Moshi singing peaceful whalesong with his friends.
Looking back towards the shoreline now, Ping can see her friend, Baz Barnacle, standing by the Surf Store he owns, arranging the bright tropical shirts that he sells on the racks outside. When Baz isn’t selling shirts, snoozing or surfing, he loves making sandcastles outside his shack, and hanging out with his best friend, Bonzer the Playful Prawn. Baz waves as Ping paddles past before settling into his beach chair for a nap.
Ping is using her paddle to slowly turn her paddleboard around right now, as it’s time to head back home. As she begins to gently paddle back the way she came, a flock of seagulls swoop down to say hello; what a wonderful sound they make as they follow her, floating on the breeze alongside her, before swooping away, back out to sea.
Ping is feeling tired now but just as her mind begins to wander she hears a little splash… it’s a giant Moshling turtle swimming near her paddleboard. He must be heading home too, to see his turtle family who probably live in the rockpools of Lush Lagoon…
As Ping watches the turtle swimming slowly and gracefully through the water she starts to think about having a nice nap in her hammock, where she’ll think about her day, listen to the ocean and dream… all about… paddleboarding.


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