5 Ways to Ease Worries with Deep Breathing for Kids 1

5 Ways to Ease Worries with Deep Breathing for Kids

25 March 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

When it comes to deep breathing exercises for kids, it’s important to remember these should be fun and easy to remember when things start to feel topsy-turvy.

Some brilliant benefits of deep breathing include:

When introducing deep breathing exercises to kids, be sure to do so outside of an emotionally charged situation. Trying something new when our feelings aren’t in check isn’t always the best time to learn, and can actually result in even more stress. Instead, introduce breathing exercises during calm moments as a fun and relaxing family-time activity.

Use our conversation and activity guide after you listen to Delightful Deep Breathing with Nancy in the classroom or as an after-school brain break to help reinforce the benefits of deep breathing.

Giving them a chance to learn the breathing techniques ahead of time and add them to their calming toolbox will leave them better equipped to handle situations when they arise — even when you’re not around.

5 Guided Deep Breathing Exercises for Kids

Cleo’s Pyramid Breathing

A calming breathing exercise for kids featuring a little Moshling Pyramid. Perfect for taking a moment to settle the body and mind, anytime.

Delightful Deep Breathing with Nancy

Ease worries away alongside Nancy,  a cake-shaped Moshling who uses fun breathing exercises centered around pretending to blow our birthday candles, and uplifting listening techniques whenever she needs to calm down.

Plinky’s Peaceful Breathing

Take a deep breath and hear how Plinky the Squeezy TinkleHuff loves to focus on his breathing and the sounds around him whenever he needs to calm down. A soothing Moshi Moment for any scenario.

Calming SeaStar Breathing

Feel calm and relaxed quickly in this fun deep breathing exercise that encourages kids to imagine their fingers are points on a Moshling SeaStar, while slowly breathing in and out. 

ShiShi’s Soothing Anxiety Shrinker

Reduce worries and anxiety, as you join a cute Moshling panda in this guided session. You’ll practice relaxing deep breathing, magical visualizations and self-affirmations.

For more inspiration on deep breathing exercises for kids, check out our blog 12 Fun and Easy Deep Breathing Exercises For Kids.

Alyssa Morgan