Efficacy at Moshi Kids

The Moshi Kids app offers a positive way for kids to consume digital entertainment with games and stories that inspire fun, exploration, relaxation and sleep. We’re committed to creating safe and developmentally appropriate digital experiences for kids. All of our research has kids at the center of our focus.

Why Moshi Works

Research-backed content for kids.

Moshi Supports:

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SELF-REGULATION: The sound of the stories, meditations, and music helps kids feel calm just by listening. The content teaches kids specific strategies for decreasing stress and anxiety and increasing prosocial skills.

Research 13

ATTENTION: When kids are more regulated, the better they are able to focus and concentrate. With Moshi Play, kids practice their self-regulation skills and put their attention on building cognitive skills.

Research 13

SLEEP: A good night’s sleep starts with a calm mind and body. Moshi lulls kids to sleep by helping them regulate and decrease negative thinking in order to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Mindfulness-Based Social & Emotional Learning

Moshi’s Education Program

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Moshi is a tool that helps teachers incorporate social and emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom. It encourages a systems-based approach to student achievement and growth, making it ideal for educators who want to make a real impact. Moshi is developmentally appropriate for children ages 4-8 and seamlessly integrates into the classroom routine, without requiring special training or external resources. With Moshi, teachers can ensure their students are receiving age-appropriate content that will help them grow and thrive.

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Meaningful results from Moshi educators

Moshi’s impact on academic and social & emotional learning in the classroom

Parenting Tips: Overcoming New School Jitters
95% of teachers surveyed said Moshi helps keep their classroom calm

A calm classroom allows students to practice and maintain self-regulation while getting the most out of social and academic learning

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93% of teachers surveyed said Moshi improves focus in their classroom

Helps students retain and apply new information, persevere through challenging projects, moments, or experiences, and enables them to use speaking and listening skills in academic and social contexts.

5 Ways Moshi Can Help You Manage Your Classroom
Engagement + participation
87% of teachers surveyed said Moshi improves engagement and participation in their classroom

By engaging and participating in all classroom activities, students can learn and practice important social-emotional and academic skills, foster their curiosity, and make sense of new information as it relates to their lives.

Better Together:

The power of partnerships to increase student self-regulation strategies

Research 4

Lori Northrup, a health instructor at Fremont Elementary K-2, reached out to Moshi for an app that could help students learn how to self-regulate, and found Moshi to be the ideal solution. In January 2023, Lori noticed that “Students are on their way to independently assessing their feelings and now (after using Moshi) are able to incorporate the strategies they are learning in their daily lives.”

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High Quality Sleep

The research says it all: Moshi gets your kids to sleep!

Research 18

Looking for a way to promote healthy sleep for your children? Look no further than the Moshi app! Our audio-based solution has been shown to induce better sleep in children, thanks to its calming and relaxing effects. Plus, with the convenience of being available on mobile devices, Moshi is an accessible and promising tool for promoting healthy sleep habits. In a 2020 study with New York University, we found that kids fell asleep faster, slept longer, and night wakings decreased.

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Sleep Expert

Meet Dr. Azizi

Dr. Azizi Seixas is an accomplished biomedical researcher, scientist, innovator, advocate, and world-renowned speaker. As a highly-regarded leader in the field of health technology, Dr. Seixas is the Chair for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Young Investigator Research Forum, serves on the Mental Health Task Force at the American Department of Defense, and is the in-house sleep expert at NBC Health News. Dr. Seixas is a PhD and Interim Chair of Informatics & Health Data Science and Founding Director of The Media & Innovation Lab at the University of Miami.

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Mindfulness Expert

Meet Dr. Murphy

Dr. Chanda Murphy has her doctorate in Experimental Psychology. She has spent the past 15 years as a professor at the graduate and postgraduate levels and continues to conduct research on mindfulness interventions for both students and corporations. Chanda also works with local schools in the Memphis area, teaching effective social &  emotional learning and mindfulness skills to children. Dr. Murphy is a PhD and the Director & Researcher of Mindful in Memphis.

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Head of Research & Efficacy

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