Moshi turns moments of stress into moments of calm using science-backed relaxation techniques.

Inhale calm, exhale worry

Moshi helps kids regulate their minds & bodies through…

Moshi For Schools UK Lessons 4
Breathing Exercises
Deep breathing helps you slow down your thoughts and calm your nervous system

Moshi tracks to try for deep breathing: Calming SeaStar Breathing, Cleo's Pyramid Breathing, Delightful Deep Breathing with Nancy, Pinky's Peaceful Breathing, Gumdrop's Magical Meditation Spheres, or the 7 Days of Moshi Mindfulness playlist.

The 54321 Grounding Technique for Kids 2
Grounding Techniques
Grounding is an integral part of practicing sensory awareness and emotional regulation. By teaching calming strategies from a young age, you can gain back precious time with your kids.

Moshi tracks to try for grounding: Peekaboo's Relaxing Roots, Growing a Flower Garden with ShiShi, Pipsi's Calming Air Conditioner, Dewy's Blissful Mind Broom, Fluttercup's School for Unicorns, Calming Counting with Cosmo.

Relax 10
Body Scanning
Noticing where trapped emotions and tension might sit by scanning each area is a great exercise to help children develop a sense of body awareness

Moshi tracks to try for body scanning: Yawnsy's Blissful Body Scan, Magical Moshlight Body Scan, Hocus' Tin Man Body Scan, Chop Chop's 5-Minute Chill.

Tapping Worries Away with ShiShi
Tapping on specific areas with targeted statements focusing on well-being can help to reduce stress and calm the body

Moshi tracks to try for tapping: Tapping Away Worries with ShiShi, Simmer Down with Boomer, Tame Tantrums with Mumbo

Inner Peace with Pablo
Guided Imagery
Through guided imagery practice, children learn to let thoughts pass through their minds and to focus on an image that they have positive associations with

Moshi tracks to try for visualization and guided imagery: 6 Minute Color Focus with Bodge, Inner Peace with Pablo, Panic Be Gone with Pops, ShiShi and Mr. Snoodle's Anxiety Hacks, Anxiety Be Gone with Yana.

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