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Unleash a sense of wonder and endless imagination with Moshi’s compelling characters, narratives, sounds and music. Designed to alleviate anxiety, teach mindfulness, promote relaxation or sleep, or provide a bit of magic to your daily routines, Moshi keeps kids entertained.

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for entertainment, mindful moments or sleep

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for calming down and learning social-emotional skills

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to help you focus

Bedtime Stories 1


to help you recenter

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to help you relax

"I’ve used it since my daughter was a baby and she’s now 2.5. I play it every night before bed, after we’ve read a story. It’s the perfect way to settle down and be calm, ready for a good night's sleep."

Bedtime Lullabies

Did you know....

Research 13

Relaxation and sleep come easy when kids hear calm songs that move at a slow and relaxing pace. The gentle rhythm allows their natural fatigue to take over whilst they drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Research 13

Relaxing bedtime music is effective because distracts from the task of falling asleep. Finding the perfect song for bedtime can be difficult, most songs aren’t designed with sleep in mind and can have the opposite effect.

Research 13

Moshi uses sophisticated instrumentation, from bagpipes and synths to steel drums and jazz piano, designed to promote sleep.

Bedtime Sleep Waves

Did you know....

Research 13

Bedtime meditations can encourage self-regulation, melt away the worries of the day and restore feelings of safety and comfort.

Research 13

Sleep meditation taps into the brain’s alpha waves, and it moves your child into a state where they are awake yet relaxed and comfortable enough to drift off to sleep.

Research 13

Guided meditations tend to work better for kids than guided or silent meditations, which require practice and experience in batting away distracting thoughts.

Rain Sounds

Did you know....

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White noise might sound high-tech, but it’s actually inspired by your baby’s experience in the womb. Before arriving in the world, they enjoyed a constant, comforting soundtrack of blood flow and heartbeats.

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Comforting doesn’t mean quiet. In utero noises have been recorded as reaching up to 91 decibels.

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The benefits of white noise are backed up by research. One groundbreaking study, published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood in 1990, found that 80 percent of newborns were able to fall asleep after five minutes of hearing white noise.

The magic of sound

What the experts are saying about music

Moshi Meditation Music for Any Time of Day

Our children experience different types of music in different ways—they might need soothing meditation music to reset, upbeat music after a tough day at school, or sleeping music to help them wander off to dreamland.

Meditation Music
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Music profoundly affects children’s learning and development. Numerous studies have shown that music can boost children’s cognitive abilities, improve their motor skills, and enhance their development.

Music for Homework
How Moshi Uses Music to Support Transitions in the Classroom

Music creates a calming effect, captivating attention from the children without being abrasive. Incorporating Moshi for Educators into your classroom routine is a no-brainer.

Music for Transitions

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