Prioritizing sleep can take some practice and effort, but the results are priceless.

Check out some of our sleep-focused content below, listen to our free Daily Bedtime Story, or download Moshi to improve your family’s sleep habits!

The Magic of Sound

Here are our favorite Moshi playlists to get you started.

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Create a relaxing atmosphere by dimming lights and limiting screentime before bed.

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Wind down by playing calming music & relaxing sounds through a speaker to sooth active minds.

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Read a bedtime story, or play one of Moshi's nighttime meditations & stories.

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Consistency is key. Try to make bedtime the same each night to establish a regular routine that kids can rely on.

"I’ve used it since my daughter was a baby and she’s now 2.5. I play it every night before bed, after we’ve read a story. It’s the perfect way to settle down and be calm, ready for a good night's sleep."

Bedtime Tips & Tricks

What the experts are saying about sleep

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Music profoundly affects children’s learning and development. Numerous studies have shown that music can boost children’s cognitive abilities, improve their motor skills, and enhance their development.

How Moshi Helps Kids with Homework through Music
Moshi Meditation Music for Any Time of Day

Our children experience different types of music in different ways—they might need soothing meditation music to reset, upbeat music after a tough day at school, or sleeping music to help them wander off to dreamland.

Moshi Meditation Music for Any Time of Day
How Moshi Uses Music to Support Transitions in the Classroom

Music creates a calming effect, captivating attention from the children without being abrasive. Incorporating Moshi for Educators into your classroom routine is a no-brainer.

How Moshi Uses Music to Support Transitions in the Classroom

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