6 Calming Activities for Kids Prone to Worrying

6 Calming Activities for Kids Prone to Worrying

22 March 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Everyone experiences feelings of worry or stress, regardless of their age. As caregivers, we can help our little worrywarts find a sense of calm by giving them calming tools and activities. By building a set of go-to calming activities at a young age, kids are able to better manage their emotions, allowing them to communicate and self-regulate better.

Here are 6 activities for kids who are prone to worrying:

Coloring | Doodling | Drawing

Activate their creative side by setting aside time for mindful coloring, doodling and drawing. It’s the perfect way for them to express themselves and their feelings in any setting.


Speaking of expressing themselves – singing can be a great outlet for feelings. So, pop on their favorite Disney soundtrack and sing along!

Mindful Walks

Fresh air does wonders on emotional states. Try sitting down and creating a custom Moshi playlist to listen to while walking as a way to further promote relaxation.


Puzzles can be a great distraction activity for kids when their worry starts bubbling up. They’re fun, relaxing and even help improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning.


Gardening helps younger kids learn how to name plants and older kids how to prune, weed and properly look after them. It’s a wonderful activity for the whole family, and also teaches responsibility.

Sensory Playtime

Engaging in sensory experiences can distract and calm a child who is feeling over-stimulated or anxious. Some of our favorite sensory activities include playdough, kinetic sand, slime and water play.

Alyssa Morgan