12 Creative Christmas Activities for Kids 26

12 Creative Christmas Activities for Kids

4 December 2020 • Words by Alesandra Dubin 5 mins

Quality time is precious over the holidays. It’s what kids remember long after they tire of their material gifts. And it’s even more special when the family comes together in a creative pursuit. We’ve compiled a range of creative Christmas activities to match a variety of interests, ages, and attention spans for inspiration. Most require only a few ordinary supplies that you probably already have around the house, or can easily run out and get.

From festive, healthy recipes to easy DIY crafts, these ideas are all simple, screen-free, and sure to create lasting memories:

Irresistible crafts for kids of all ages

If you’re daunted by the idea of crafting with your kids, you might be overthinking it. There are plenty of festive crafts and decorations you can create with little prep (and yes, minimal mess), using just basic supplies you likely have around the house.

When you craft with kids, you engage their creativity and create homemade keepsakes that loved ones will cherish forever. With our simple ideas, kids can transform pretty ribbons into a magic wand like the Moshling Fairy’s and create a festive Christmas Tree ornament using ordinary materials.

Kids will also be inspired to practice their penmanship, with the hope of a return on their effort: Our printable letter template lets them direct their handwritten gift requests to Father Christmas and Willow the Dainty Deer. (And if parents read it too, we won’t tell!)

reindeer hand paint

Twistmas Tree Personalized Reindeer Bauble

Letter to Santa

Christmas coloring sheets to put minds to ease

Even the littlest kids can have fun (and practice their fine motor skills) while they color. Print out our free Moshi coloring sheet and set out crayons, markers, or colored pencils to bring to life the whimsical characters from Moshi.

Coloring isn’t just a fun and relaxing activity for kids, but a therapeutic mindfulness practice for family members of any age. You can make coloring time even more meditative by playing a soothing background soundtrack. Moshi’s soothing stories, music, and meditations add a dose of mindful magic to this Christmas activity.

Healthy holiday recipes to make as a family

When you introduce kids to cooking and baking during the holiday season, you kickstart a cherished association they’ll never forget. These easy recipes are created just for kids — easy to make with wholesome ingredients.

Turn strawberries into Father Twistmas figures; bananas into penguins; and kiwis into festive Christmas trees. And don’t forget to empower them to add their own flourishes. As you cook, encourage them to taste, smell, and touch the ingredients — these are all ways to learn!

Peppy the Penguin Snack


Cut the bananas in half to form the bodies. Melt your dark chocolate in a microwave-safe dish. Cover the back half, top, and bottom of the banana with melted dark chocolate. 

Place the candied eyes and pomegranate seeds (1 for the beak and 2 for the feet) onto the chocolate while the chocolate is still wet. Place the penguin snacks into the fridge on a piece of baking paper (baking paper helps the dark chocolate stay in place) and allow 10 minutes for the chocolate to solidify before serving.

Father Twistmas Strawberries


Frostipop Porridge

holiday porridge

Waffle’s Wintery Toast

waffles toast

Christmas Fruit Salad Tree


Slice the kiwi and place them in a triangle to make the tree. Place a handful of berries to make the baubles and from a slice of banana cut a star shape. You can use a bit of the Kiwi to also make a base for the tree.

For more help spreading joy this holiday season, check out our gift guide for busy moms.

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