Cleo's Breathing Pyramid for Kids

Downloadable Activity: Cleo’s Breathing Pyramid for Kids

11 January 2022 • Words by Allison Henry < 1 min

Have your kids get comfy and practice deep breathing with Cleo the Moshling Pyramid.  Her favorite activities are very active and you’ll find her on many adventures, searching for ancient lullabies in moonlit deserts. Cleo knows that it’s important to find time to calm down and relax. 

Through a magical journal of visualization with Cleo, kids will practice deep breathing. With consistent and predictable language, kids are guided through a “breath in, hold, breath out” exercise multiple times. They are also prompted to think about how deep breathing makes them feel. The connection between breathing and the effects on the body is essential to practice so that kids can move from high-energy activities or fight or flight responses to regulation and relaxation. 

Listen to Cleo’s Pyramid Breathing activity and use the conversation guide to reinforce this beneficial practice. Kids will leave with their own pyramid as a reminder to keep breathing! Search for Cleo and the Tomb of Lullabies in the app for more Moshling adventures. 

Academic Connections: 

Integrate this Moshi Moment into math when studying geometry or in social students when studying geography.

Download the activity guide.

Learn how to make your own Breathing Pyramid:

Allison Henry