FREE Stories, Music and Meditations for the Summer

FREE Stories, Music and Meditations for the Families

5 May 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Moshi is your new superpower! Moshi is an app for kids that you can use at home in so many ways. Through entertaining stories and characters, Moshi teaches kids to recognize and manage their emotions and helps you support them throughout the day with routines and transitions and in learning self-regulation. In addition to Moshi’s daytime content, you’ll find calming bedtime stories that help kids fall asleep and stay asleep.

Below is a list of all the Moshi Stories, Music and Meditations available on the FREE app, which you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play. Try out all of these tracks, to support your child on a journey of emotional well-being, mindful days and restful nights.

FREE Moshi Stories, Music and Meditations for the summer months:

Natural Sounds / Color Noise

Flumpy’s White Noise Machine

Gombala Rain Showers

Moshi Pink Noise

Sleep Meditation

Ultimate Moshi Rainfall Sleep Meditation

Morning Moments 

Rise And Shine with Chirpy

Moments (Short Meditations)

Calming SeaStar Breathing

Inner Peace with Pablo

Bedtime Stories

Blurp Goes Back to School

Nodkins Goes Dream-Hopping

Tick-Tock Ten Minute Bedtime

Sleep Journey

Night Swimming with Yawnsy


Squiggle’s Soothing Study Beats

Sweet Moshi Jazz

Whirly Tube Stress Release Trance

Daily Diaries

Beyond the Stars

Buster Blasts Off

Finding Jeepers 

Arise, King Brian

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Alyssa Morgan