Honey's Jump Rope Journey – A Moshi Sleep Journey for Kids

Honey’s Jump Rope Journey – A Moshi Bedtime Story for Kids

2 March 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

One of Moshi’s sleepiest bedtime stories for kids ever – this dreamy tale features the soothing sound of Honey the Moshi bunny jumping rope as she skips home to Pawberry Fields through the Moshi countryside.

In the story, Honey is skipping home through various magical scenes but thanks to a special extendable jump rope designed by Dewy she is able to invite friends into the rope to jump alongside her. Cute bunnies, magical imagery, and jump roping… what’s not to like!

“Right now, Honey is skipping down the long, winding path that leads back to her home in Pawberry Fields, a beautiful part of the Moshi world where lots of little bunnies live in super luxurious burrows.”

excerpt from Honey’s Jump Rope Journey

When she’s not busy jumping rope in Pawberry Fields, Honey can be found yacking about carrot cake, clothes, and fur straighteners. Talking of straightening, Honey has one floppy ear, which experts think is caused by listening to silly ringtones on her phone all day.

Fun Fact for Parents: This Moshi Story features the genuine HD sound of jump rope combined with magical music, real birdsong, and soothing narration by Anna Acton. This is a truly enchanting bedtime treat.

Other Moshi tracks featuring Honey:

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Alyssa Morgan