How Important is Nursery School?

How Important is Nursery School?

24 May 2022 • Words by Stefano Ceppi 2 mins

As the workplace is modernizing, some parents now have the opportunity to delay introducing their children to the education system. It’s perfectly normal to ponder whether sending a three-year-old to nursery school is important or not.

My children attended nursery school at Bethnal Green Montessori School in London, England. They both enjoyed it very much; one spent more time there than the other, and by the time he joined a regular school, he was ahead in all subjects. But was it an advantage? A few years later, I can probably say no. Was it a good experience for my children, though? Absolutely.

The benefits of nursery school

A 2018 study by Ansari (2018) looked at two phenomena that tend to occur when nursery school children are thrown into the mix with others: catchup and fadeout. Catchup refers to when other children who did not attend nursery school eventually catch up with their peers. Fadeout refers to the loss of momentum, as all children’s progress homogenizes with time.

Nursery school did, in my case, allow both parents to return to work sooner. While you may feel you are putting your career ahead of your children, it’s worth noting the reality. Unless you’re prepared to engage in the myriad of activities they would be engaging with at nursery school, your child may have more fun spending a few hours a day at a nursery.

Remember that childminders are also available. They can look after babies and toddlers. Since they are only allowed to have so many children, they’re able to have a more personal relationship with the children you watch.

Time at the nursery or childminder will allow your child to socialize with peers and start to learn social skills, too. They’ll pick up new skills by mirroring other kids and adults, and their growing brains will get plenty of stimulation. When I ask my children about their fondest memories, they always go back to playing with their classmates.

Ansari A. (2018). THE PERSISTENCE OF PRESCHOOL AFFECTS FROM EARLY CHILDHOOD THROUGH ADOLESCENCE. Journal of educational psychology, 110(7), 952–973.

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