How To Be A Good Friend To The Moms and Dads In Your Life

How To Be A Good Friend To The Moms and Dads In Your Life

23 February 2022 • Words by Nicole Donne 2 mins

Are you a parent? Or maybe you have friends who have kids? As we enter this stage of our lives, it may not be possible to take a spontaneous trip or spend the entire day just wandering around and seeing what happens anymore. Parents and their little ones usually need plans, and even then – things can change at the drop of a hat. Being a good friend means understanding that family comes first.

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or balancing work and family, life can be exceptionally demanding and delicate to balance. There is no vacation time from being Mom or Dad – the task lists are endless and with no overtime pay!

How to be a good friend to people with kids

Time is so precious to parents. Being a good friend to a child’s guardian means being able to give really valuable gifts that cost absolutely nothing. Perhaps you can give Mom or Dad the afternoon or evening off so they can be free to have a quiet dinner, get some exercise, or dive into that book they’ve had their eye on.

Little things count!  Something small like a note in the mail to say “Thinking of you” if it has been a while can jumpstart a reconnection with a friend who you may not have seen much of lately.  Popping by can be super thoughtful – bring the coffee and be prepared that it may not be a convenient time.

One thing that we can do for all of our friends (both parents and non-parents) is to simply be there when they need us. With parents (especially of young kids) – we can do our best to be there before they need us. Check-in regularly – knowing that they probably have a schedule chock full of this and that. If they don’t have time to chitchat, be understanding but don’t give up trying again!  

Parents have one of the most important jobs in the whole world – raising the next generation of thoughtful and wise people! Be sure to give them a break and support them wherever and whenever you can.

Nicole Donne