Learning to Balance Work, Wellbeing and Family

Learning to Balance Work, Wellbeing and Family

14 March 2022 • Words by Emma Flint 2 mins

Mothers make up a third of the female workforce in the US, with those working moms going from one full-time job straight home to another: parenthood. 

In needing to be multiple versions of yourself at once, finding time to fit everything in can feel like an impossible task. Modern life means we have to juggle a lot of different elements all at once, typically leaving ourselves little time to focus on what matters most to us. 

Working moms spend so much time dedicated to helping others, which is why it’s time to focus on helping you create a more harmonious environment at work and at home. The best of both worlds. 

Let Go of Your Guilt

Mom guilt is such a persistent and pervasive feeling, one that a lot of mothers find difficult to keep under control. In trying to do all the right things, it can often feel like you’re making more mistakes than successes. 

To start to tackle this issue head-on, you need to be more honest with yourself about your emotions and where they might stem from. Keeping a journal about these episodes of guilt can often help identify the main trigger(s).

Go Offline

Our technology is brilliant in many ways, but in constantly being connected online we can fail to connect offline. By ensuring you limit the amount of time you spend on your phone or laptop, you can start to take small steps towards a better work/home balance. 

You don’t have to disconnect completely – we know that isn’t easy, nor possible. But to schedule time when you won’t look at your work emails, or answer work calls, will give you the space to reconnect with your family without distractions.

Be in the Moment

By becoming more present in the moment, you can stop spreading yourself so thin between all the different facets of your life. The idea of being in the moment is rooted in mindfulness, and won’t just be helpful to your well-being but to your childs’ as well. 

When you’re at home, you’re at home – work can wait. Take the time to appreciate what you and your family are doing together, whether that’s watching a film, listening to music, or enjoying an activity together. An excellent way to practice being in the moment is meditation, such as mind sweeping, and other stress-busting techniques.

Make Time for Yourself

Arguably, one of the most important ways to gain balance is to show up for yourself. So many mothers make sacrifices to make work and home co-exist, whether that’s losing out on sleep, eating less, or foregoing social events. 

This means setting aside time for self-care is extremely important. We know this isn’t always easy to achieve, yet by recognizing that your well-being is just as valuable as your loved ones, you create a calming atmosphere for everyone at home. You’ll also instill in your children the value of taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically.

Ask for Help

There’s no shame in needing help, no matter how hard it can feel to ask for it. If you’re struggling to achieve balance by yourself, don’t be ashamed to reach out. Moms are like superheroes, but unlike superheroes, you don’t have an endless reserve of power to keep you going.

Finding balance in life, especially work and family, can feel like an uphill struggle. However, small changes can make a big difference, helping you and your family connect on a deeper level.

Emma Flint