Meet Chantal, Lawrence & Rael 2

Meet Chantal, Lawrence & Rael

4 May 2022 • Words by Bexy 2 mins

Please tell us a bit about you and your family:

Feedback FamilyWe live in South Africa in a coastal town called Ballito. We only have one child, our son, his name is Rael and he has just turned 4 years old.

What was it that first made you search for an app to help with your situation?

We were looking for bedtime story apps that created new and interesting content that was age-appropriate and magical to listen to. Our son has always been a busy body and he fights his sleep come bedtime.

Did you try any other ways to help with your situation?

We tried sleep training, changing routine, changed dinner times and bath times etc. None of which helped us.

Feedback FamilyHow did you feel the moment Moshi worked for you?

Absolute disbelief! Initially, we put it down to chance but then we tried it the next night and the next night and so on, and as usual, our son was passed out within 15 mins of listening to the stories we played. He loves the artworks and we have big discussions about them, what the characters are doing and where they are. This usually happens right before everything goes quiet and the wriggling stops. I usually let the story finish as I love listening to them too and have even nodded off a few times myself.

What feature do you find the most helpful on the Moshi app?

Bedtime stories, meditations, and musical pieces

If you were asked to recommend Moshi, what would you say?

Feedback FamilyIt was the best purchase we ever made for our family! We have been supporters of this app for 2 years now!

What would be the one word you’d use to describe Moshi?


Do you have any tips for other families using the app?

Play a different story every night, mark your favorites with hearts to revisit anytime!


Moshi's Head of Customer Experience & Community Operations. It's been a pleasure working for Moshi since 2011. I'm a Mom to two children, both with additional needs. I am passionate about learning more about children's struggles and hope to be able to share my experiences/learnings with others.