Moshi for Educators: Case Study with Mrs. J, a K–12 Teacher

Moshi for Educators: Case Study with Mrs. J, a K–12 Teacher

22 March 2022 • Words by Allison Henry 2 mins

Mrs. J
Six- and seven-year-olds
Private K–12 school

I am in my 16th year of teaching and have experience in public and private education, ranging from Pre-K to fourth grade. I am always looking for ways to improve classroom experience and learning for my students. School is their home away from home and should be a place where they feel their best!

Tell Us a Bit About Your Classroom and How You Use Moshi.

I teach a class of six- and seven-year-olds who have completed kindergarten and are working on the skills needed for first grade. Our day begins with a “soft start,” which is a way to ease students into the day and get their minds warmed up for learning. This part of the day includes plastic and wooden building blocks, books, and creative activities. During our soft start to the day, I play Moshi Music which sets the tone for the transition from home to school and the rest of the day. I equate this part of the day with a long exhale instead of a “ready, set, go” race to get started. Since our classroom is a community where kids are learning independence, responsibility, and how to manage themselves, Moshi Music helps lower the temperature of the room so that kids are calm and focused. Our favorite is Moshi jazz! [Try Buster’s Jazzy Piano or Sweet Moshi Jazz]

What Other Times of the Day Do You Use Moshi?  

During the pandemic, we often had to eat lunch in the classroom. During this time, I put on a Moshi Story. Kids were engaged and the Moshi Story helps with auditory processing, which kids need more and more help with.

Do You Use Moshi at Home? 

Yes, my 10-year-old daughter uses Moshi at night to help her sleep. She was struggling with anxiety and as we were walking with her through this, I introduced her to Moshi. She began making custom playlists for bedtime and saw an immediate improvement in her ability to unwind her mind and sleep.

What Plans Do You Have for Moshi in Your Classroom? 

I’m thinking about the time after recess when kids have to use the restroom, get water, and get ready for the afternoon. I will put on a Moshi track to ease kids back in from recess.

Here are some tip sheets for starting the school day with Moshi and managing transitions with Moshi.

Allison Henry