Moshi Mindfulness with Goldie Hawn

Moshi Mindfulness with Goldie Hawn

30 September 2021 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Moshi has had the privilege of working with some brilliant names in the past– including, most recently, Academy Award-winning actress and icon, Goldie Hawn.

It’s no secret that mindfulness holds an important place in Goldie’s heart, especially when children are involved. Her evidence-based program, MindUp, has brought mindful living to the forefront of many parents’ minds. Through both Moshi and Goldie’s combined passion for mindfulness, we’ve crafted some wonderfully creative new Moshi Stories and Moments to help little ones learn more about themselves, better understand their emotions, and get a great night’s sleep…better yet, there’s even more to come!

Goldie the Mindful Moshling

Goldie is a Mindful Moshling who dreams of helping all her Moshling friends calm down and unwind. When she’s not spreading her message of kindness and gratitude, she loves traveling across the world of Moshi, learning about the power of the mind, and relaxing beneath moonlit skies.

This enchantingly dreamy tale sees Goldie the Mindful Moshling discovering how mindfulness and sweet dreams go together, hand in hand. Listen to a sample of this mindful tale below!

Goldie’s Five Minute Brain Break

Knowing how to improve your focus and concentration are key to excelling in all walks of life. In Goldie’s Five Minute Brain Break, you can join Goldie Hawn in a soothing mini-meditation that helps improve focus, regulate emotions and ease worries away the Goldie way. Give your brain a break by listening below! 

Goldie and the Tree of Mindfulness

We are SO proud to announce that Goldie Hawn will be joining us yet again in the upcoming Moshi Story – Goldie and the Tree of Mindfulness. 

Goldie Hawn narrates this beautiful new bedtime story about her little Moshling friend’s ascent of an enchanted Moshi tree and its various branches of mindfulness. Along the way, Goldie learns more about the power of kindness, empathy, gratitude, laughter, optimism, and love. A truly beautiful story filled with life lessons.

This new story launches in the Moshi app on October 6th. Listen to a snippet of what’s to come below, and keep an eye out for its upcoming release!

Alyssa Morgan