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Your Favorite Companion on Qantas Flights

13 March 2023 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

We all know that traveling can be stressful, especially when it comes to keeping your children entertained and comfortable. What if we told you that you now have an easy and impactful solution to in-flight stress on Qantas flights? 

We are delighted to announce that some of your favorite Moshi tracks are now available through Qantas’s In-Flight Entertainment System! From magical tales like Jeepers’ Fantabulous Flying Carpet and Captain Peck’s Sleepy Flying Circus, you’re sure to calm even the most nervous of flyers. Help your little ones drift off to a peaceful night of rest as you glide through the sky to your final destination. Think of all the extra quiet time you’ll get to relax and enjoy the plethora of movies, too!

Moshi’s travel-themed tales are available on all Qantas flights, including the mammoth 16-hour 30 direct from London to Perth. This means you won’t have to worry about your child getting bored or restless during your flight. 

Sit back, relax and let Moshi do the work!

Alyssa Morgan