Social and Emotional Learning Activities

Social and Emotional Learning Activities

11 March 2022 • Words by Allison Henry 2 mins

Imagine a time during the school day when you have five minutes to close your eyes, breathe, and regroup. With Moshi Moments, not only do you get this time but your students do too, along with learning valuable Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. 

Moshi Moments are short tracks, ranging from 4 to 8 minutes, that teach kids about calming down, optimism, gratitude, kindness, easing anxiety, and much more. Each Moshi Moment provides an SEL lesson with the click of the play button. 

Moshi Moments – SEL Lessons in Minutes

Each Moshi Moment: 

Here are a few popular Moshi Moments that teach Social and Emotional Learning skills: 

Wurley’s Happy Morning Meditation

Fuel up with happy energy every morning, via this quick session that gets you moving, stretching, and firing up your amazing imagination alongside a Twirly Tiddlycopter. 

5 Minute Anger Release with Blurp

Help anger float away the Bubblefish way in this quick, calming exercise that encourages you to imagine any clouds of frustration leaving your body. “My anger today is going away”

Cleo’s Pyramid Breathing

Join a little Moshling Pyramid in this short and simple deep breathing exercise that’s designed to help you calm down anytime, any place. Real Moshi magic. Check out Cleo’s Pyramid Breathing Activity for even more SEL fun, too!

6 Minute Color Focus with Bodge

Learn to relax the Bodge way, in this calming Moshi Moment that encourages you to pick any object in the room and focus on its color. Ultra soothing.

Kindness, Caring, and Sharing with Dewy

Fill yourself up with happy energy as you join Dewy and discover how putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can help you to understand how they are feeling.

Anxiety Be Gone with Yana

Designed to ease anxiety fast, this magical Moshi Moment encourages listeners to paint beautiful pictures in the mind with Yana, a Bobbly Wobblov.

The Art of Being Apart with Linton

Created to ease separation anxiety, this calming Moshi Moment explains how a Moshling called Linton deals with being apart from loved ones.

Tame Tantrums with Mumbo

Simmer down alongside a Punky Monkey in this short but fun breathing exercise designed to avert full-on meltdowns.

Gratitude with Blossom

Take a calming Moshi Moment to think about the simple things we sometimes take for granted in this short, magically uplifting session starring Blossom.

Simmer Down with Boomer

Featuring Boomer the Big-Mouthed Squiddly Dee, this mellow Moshi Moment is ideal for helping out during times when you might be feeling sad, angry, or just a bit frustrated.

Chop Chop’s 5 Minute Chill

Calm down quickly, quit monkeying around, and take a little Moshi Moment as we explain what Cheeky Chimps do to chill out in this short, relaxing exercise.

Allison Henry