The Perfect Valentine’s Bedtime Story

The Perfect Valentine’s Bedtime Story – Mr & Mrs Snoodle

9 February 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Drift off to the land of nod listening to the super cute story of The Snoodle’s first date. Whimsical, charming, and very sleepy, this fully orchestrated, romantic rhyming tale is filled with subtle references to kindness, love, and accepting others for who they are (quirks and all). Mr Snoodle initially fibs to secure the date, telling Mrs Snoodle that he is taking her to a big party – but the truth is his awkwardness means he is rather lonely and there is no party. Discover how Mrs Snoodle falls for the socially awkward but ever-optimistic Mr Snoodle. It also alludes to loving someone for who they are, not how many friends they have.

See Mr Snoodle looked and acted differently than most
And though today was Valentine’s, he’d had nothing in the post
Other Moshlings found him funny, bold yet somehow shy
And making friends was difficult, even though he’d try

As eight o’clock loomed, Mr Snoodle started to get ready
But with no one to advise him, he sought guidance from his teddy
“What should I wear?” he wondered, “A bow tie or a hat?”
But his teddy didn’t say much… well, he wasn’t one to chat

excerpt from Mr & Mrs Snoodle’s Doodle Date

The Snoodles are a pair of Silly Snufflers who love doing the Doodle, a funny dance move that fills them with joy. When they’re not together Mr Snoodle likes whistling ice cream truck tunes, while Mrs Snoodle loves climbing inside rainbows. 

Fun Fact for Parents: Mr & Mrs Snoodle’s Doodle Date is the first-ever Moshi Story to include two voice actors, Will Huggins and Phillipa Alexander.

If your little one loves the Snoodles, be sure to check out Mr Snoodle’s Twilight Train and Mr Snoodle’s Moshi Moodlifter in the Moshi app!

Alyssa Morgan