Your Most Pressing Sleep Questions, Answered!

Your Most Pressing Sleep Questions, Answered!

28 September 2021 • Words by Alexandra Amodio 4 mins

We partnered with our friends at Khan Academy Kids to learn what sleep topics are on the minds of parents. There were so many that this is part 1 of a two-part blog post addressing all of your questions. And, thank you to our friend and sleep expert, Dr. Azizi Seixas for his contribution to answering all of these great questions! 

Q: What is an appropriate bedtime for a 3-year-old? And how do I know what an “appropriate” bedtime is for him/her as he/she gets older?

Q: If my kid is waking up too early in the morning (like, 5:30 am), what can I do? Do I push back his bedtime?

Q: How do you get the little one to nap if the big one isn’t napping. (They share a room so it is very apparent that the other one isn’t napping.)

Q: How do I know when my child is ready to switch from a crib to a bed?

Q: How do we transition from a co-sleeping situation to separate rooms? 

Q: My child keeps coming out of their room after bedtime. I’m not doing anything fun, but they seem to think they are missing something. How do I convince them to stay in bed?

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Alexandra Amodio