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How can technology be used to play with my child?

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Technology can be an incredibly useful tool for teaching children new skills. As children have transitioned into the digital age, it is increasingly important to continue to build a relationship with your child, which can be done easily through the use of play. 

The first step is to create a special playtime with your child while they are utilizing their favorite apps.  Sitting with your child and just adding in comments where needed will show your child you are fully engaged with what they’re doing. Below are a few tips for making play with your child even more special! 

  • Be consistent with special playtime and set it at the same time daily.
  • Allow your child to lead the play activity and choose the game they want to play.
  • Praise your child’s good behaviors (ie. I like the way you are allowing me to join in, I like the way you are waiting for the game to load). 
  • Comment on what your child is doing (ie. in an online coloring game “Wow, you chose the green to color in your picture” or in a matching game, “Wow you found a match! Let’s find another one!”
  • Reflect your child’s words and emotions (ie. if your child is happy, you can also be happy while sitting with them). 
  • Limit asking questions during this special time.
  • Limit giving directions during this special time.
  • Limit any criticisms you may have during this special time. 
  • Ignore minor misbehaviors during special times.

You can practice this special playtime with children using the Moshi app, have them choose the content, ask them why they picked it, talk about the Moshi character and build up a conversation.

Whilst playing on Moshi Play, use communication wherever possible, prompt where needed and guide them in the right direction. The great part about Moshi Play is that we often will prompt if we feel the child may get stuck, so you can also show excitement when that prompt appears.

You can find out more about Moshi Play below:

How can technology be used to play with my child?