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How does Moshi help my child understand, recognize and manage their emotions?

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Being able to tune into our bodies and understand our triggers and responses is a great strength that we, as relational beings, can have. Encouraging emotional learning in our children at an earlier point in life can equip them with the tools to become more self-aware. By helping them to make sense of that fire in their belly or that fuzz in their minds, for example, it can help them not only to gain a greater sense of self but will strengthen their emotional resilience. There are tools and resources on Moshi such as ** that can begin to teach our children about the feelings that are going on inside of them. Some of our characters take them on journeys that discover different emotions that a child can experience. Together, with the characters, they can begin to understand the different feelings they can feel inside their bodies. The Moshi characters offer a metaphorical space, whereby our children may well see themselves through the eyes of these characters, but this allows these feelings to be explored through the safety of the metaphor. Then, hopefully, help made sense at home with a trusting adult.

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