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What is an attachment and why is it important for the relationship between parent and child?

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Attachment describes the ‘lasting psychological connectedness between human beings’ (Bowlby, 1997). From the first breath we take, we are wired for connection. The first relationship an infant experiences is with their primary caregiver and attachment theory describes this emotional bond. 

As parents, by being attuned to your child’s needs and present in their development, this will develop a secure attachment between you and your child. The first two years of a child’s life are the most critical for forming attachments (Prior & Glaser, 2006). It is during this period that your child develops what Bowlby (1997) terms an ‘internal working model’ that shapes the way your child views relationships and therefore, socially navigates. This internal working model can affect your child’s sense of trust in others and their sense of self.

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