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Which tracks are best for babies?

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Help GuideAs Moshi has a wide range of content to suit a variety of age groups, we have grouped some tracks into subcategories, one of which is for Little Listeners with a sample selection to try.

Because babies can’t understand the meaning of the words in a story, many parents report that music, sounds, and lullabies are the go-to tracks for babies; however, some parents have told us their babies are soothed by the voices.

We recommend listening to the app first so you can get an idea of the different content and see which content you think your child will enjoy. We believe perseverance is key, and it is also critical to try different tracks, as children do have different tastes, even the tiniest!

Here are a few suggestions to try:

  • Close your Eyes SleepyPaws
  • Moshi White Noise
  • Moshi Lullabies

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