A Roundup of Resources for Anxious Times

A Roundup of Resources for Anxious Times

10 March 2022 • Words by Allison Henry 2 mins

There’s a great deal of news and information available from a wide variety of sources about how to best care for yourself and the children in your life. To help you make the most of what’s out there and learn what Moshi can do to support you, we’ve pulled together a list of resources for you, your students, your own family, and the families you work with for anxious times.

Taking Care of Yourself

The goal is to find a balance between taking care of your children and making sure your own emotional needs are being met. When we are calm and have enough sleep, we are better able to remain present and consistent as we help our children. Here are two resources that offer up some everyday strategies to help you find this balance. 

From BBC: Ukraine conflict: How to help yourself, your kids, and others

From Harvard Business Review: A Simple Way to Stay Grounded in Stressful Moments

Talking to Kids About Tough Subjects 

When talking to kids about tough and tragic events, it’s important to focus on the facts that are developmentally appropriate and allow kids to express their emotions safely. Children will have a range of emotions and reactions to news and events, from not being aware of them at all if they are very young to having daily worries. The articles below offer practical and concrete ways to listen and talk to children so they feel heard, understood, and reassured.

From Moshi Kids: How to Talk to Your Kids About Tough Subjects

From Moshi Kids: War Worries – How to Help Ourselves and Our Kids

From KQED: War, Crisis, Tragedy: How to talk with kids when the news is scary

From Mental Health Foundation: Talking to your children about scary world news

Moshi Activities for the Home and Classroom

During times of stress, specific activities can be used to equip children with strategies to mitigate the effects of that stress in the moment. These activities also offer children a safe space to practice the strategies for future use. The activities below are engaging, imaginative, and perfect for home or school.

From Moshi Kids: How Moshi Can Help with Classroom Anxiety

From Moshi Kids: Dewy’s Blissful Mind Broom Activity

From Moshi Kids: Cleo’s Pyramid Breathing Activity

Allison Henry