Autism Acceptance Week: 15 Incredible Influencers, Part 2

Autism Acceptance Week: Incredible Influencers, Part 2

31 March 2022 • Words by Nicole Donne 2 mins

Meet some of the most amazing Autism influencers on the planet! From TikTok influencers to make-up artists, these groundbreaking influencers are actively conversing and starting movements about the Autism Spectrum.

Siena Castellon, UK & I

A truly inspirational leader. Author of The Spectrum Girl’s Survival Guide and the Founder of Neurodiversity Celebration Week. (And she’s not even 21 yet….) read more on her website.

Paige Layle, Canada

Paige’s Tiktok posts about challenges when it comes to gender and Autism went viral.  Heartwarming videos include an interview with her Mom.

Amythest Schaber, Canada

Amethyst is a Métis, Autistic, non-binary influential activist – Neurowonderful.

Sara-Jane Harvey, UK

Sara-Jane is Agony Autie, who creates rich video content exploring stimming and Cognitive Emotional Overload amongst others.

Ellie Middleton, UK

Ellie is a Brand Manager extraordinaire, Influencer and speaker whose posts are positive affirmations of inclusivity.

Kieran Rose, UK

Kieran is The Autistic Advocate: a speaker and disability service delivery specialist who delivers incredible training such as The Inside of Autism program.

Gavin Bollard, UK

Gavin blogs about his daily life experience in Life With Aspergers and shares his unique perspective as a parent sharing the same condition as their child.

Willow Hope, UK

A candid and unflinching window to her thoughts is found on her website around her life with complex conditions.

Sarah Mills, USA

A gifted Makeup artist, Sarah is passionate about sharing her talents on Instagram and posts about her diagnosis as an adult.

Jade Marie, UK

Mental health and Autism Awareness blogger and freelance writer.

Melissa Finch, USA

Melissa, a Special Education Teacher created Autism Adventures, a wonderful resource for children and parents alike which includes blogs, resources and downloadable templates for activities.

Charlie Hart, UK

The awesome Charlie Hart is a Neurodiversity Advocate who shares her experience on her blog Alice What’s The Matter.

Anna Kennedy, UK

Anna is an incredible influencer – not only through words but actions, founding the charity Anna Kennedy Online on a mission to promote inclusion and equality.

Kaylene George, USA

Kaylene, mother of 6 (yes, six!) neurodiverse kids is Autistic Mama – Blogger, educator and coach.

Emily, UK

Emily is a super talented blogger, designer and illustrator at  21andsensory.

Discover more amazing influencers talking about Autism, neurodiversity and inclusion in Part 1 of this series.

Nicole Donne