Autism Acceptance Week: 10 Incredible Influencers, Part I

Autism Acceptance Week: Incredible Influencers, Part I

30 March 2022 • Words by Nicole Donne 2 mins

Meet some of the most amazing Autism influencers on the planet! From best-selling authors to an accessibility specialist at the BBC, these groundbreaking influencers are actively conversing and starting movements about the Autism Spectrum.

Jennifer Cook, USA

The brilliant best-selling author is also responsible for the carefully curated portal belong which offers resources, masterclasses, videos and a dedicated community area.

Paul Micallef, Australia

Paul is the Founder of Asperger’s From the Inside and his own experiences with a ton of suggested further reading. 

Jamie Knight (and Lion), UK

Jamie is a senior accessibility specialist at the BBC.  He and Lion, Jamie’s trusted plush companion, share his knowledge via Spaced Out And Smiling, a library of his presentations, a blog and a ton of articles.

Dr Jac den Houting, Australia

Watch Dr den Houting in the groundbreaking TedTalk Everything You Know About Autism Is Wrong about the Social Model of Disability, and other under-addressed topics from her inspirational TedTalk from 2019.

Eileen Shaklee, USA

Eileen, also known as Mama Fry runs the blog, Autism with a Side of Fries. Her focus is to encourage acceptance through positivity.

Lyric Holmans, USA

Lyric, also known as Neurodivergent Rebel, runs Neurodivergent Rebel Consulting – creating more inclusive workplaces through better practice and policies. Credited with being the pioneer of the #askignautistics hashtag, their blog promotes acceptance, inclusivity and respect for the autonomy of neurodivergence.

Ella Tabb, UK

Ella is also known as Purple Ella and provides accessibility consultancy and is an inclusive content creator.

Rob Gorski, USA

Rob has run The Autism Dad since 2010 – which started from a post he thought was private. He received such a strong response that he dedicated himself to it full time.  He shares his experience navigating autism with his three boys.

Frank Campagna, New Zealand

Another Dad Influencer! Frank runs The Autism Daddy about his life experience raising his son who is a  non-verbal communicator.    

Lynne Soraya, USA

Lynne is the author of Living Independently On the Autism Spectrum and a regular contributor to Psychology Today’s blog.

Discover more amazing influencers talking about Autism, neurodiversity and inclusion in Part 2 of this series.

Nicole Donne