Autism Acceptance Week: Resources for Parents

Autism Resources for Parents: Autism Acceptance Week

1 April 2022 • Words by Nicole Donne < 1 min

It’s helpful to know where to look for Autism resources and information for parents that are helpful in any setting – at home, school, at social events and at the workplace. So, for Autism Acceptance week, we’ve compiled a group of great resources for you!

The National Autistic Society is an excellent place to start. Try Embrace Autism if you are curious to see examples of diagnostic questionnaires.

For exploration from different perspectives, try Rainbows are too beautiful.  Ann Hickman runs this personal blog. By way of naming the site, she refers to the phrase her son Anthony used this phrase to express how he was overwhelmed by rainbows. “Rainbows are too beautiful – I just can’t look at them,” – The Mom Kind.

The amazing Jennifer Cooke wrote bestsellers Asperkids, Game Plan and more recently about her own experience in Autism In Heels.  Another author to check out is Eileen Lamb, author of  All Across The Spectrum and founder of Autism Cafe (flappy hands, happy hearts!). Naoki Higashida’s The Reason I Jump is a fantastic book that’s also been adapted into a feature film.

Perhaps even consult a Play Therapist to support specific needs and challenges, and explore alternative ways to enjoy playtime.   Exploring different settings and sensory activities can be a wonderful experience for any child.  Try games that encourage sorting skills like The Counting Bear Sorting Set,  tactile activities like Silky Sand and toys that can satiate stimming needs like bubble poppers. For traditional games, see this article on how to adapt the rules to be more inclusive.

And finally, the best Autism resource of all for parents – kids! Children learn so much when they are free to express themselves. So, allow them to explore new things and engage fearlessly with the world around them.

Nicole Donne