Best Bluetooth Speakers for Kids

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Kids

6 June 2022 • Words by Bexy 2 mins

If you didn’t already know – Moshi works so well being played over a Bluetooth speaker, especially if you don’t want to leave the temptation of a digital device in your child’s bedroom. The following list contains some of the best Bluetooth speakers currently available for kids.

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Kids

Amazon Alexa | starting at $29.99

We consider this to be one of our favorites because it is capable of far more than just playing audio with some of the more advanced options. Moshi now works via Amazon Alexa, making it super easy for you to play content. However, you can also use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker, making it an even better choice for streaming. You can find these devices in all shapes, sizes, and types. Kids’ devices, car devices, and even ones that can also stream movies and photos are all available.

Alexa can help kids learn and grow—while having fun along the way. And with free parental controls from Amazon Kids, Alexa will automatically give kid-friendly responses, filter explicit songs, and block shopping.


Yoto Player | starting at $99.99

Yoto players are an excellent choice since you can add additional content to them in addition to Bluetooth speakers. You can use a wide range of cards with your Yoto player, including books written by Julia Donaldson (who doesn’t like the Gruffalo?) and Disney favorites.

Childhood is when we fall in love with audio for the first time. With a world of audio at their fingertips, kids will fall in love time and time again.


Bitty Boomers | $19.99

Kids will enjoy these fun and small speakers. There are many favorite characters to choose from – you’re definitely spoilt for choice!

Planet Buddies | $29.99

There is a beautiful message behind these choices. Each speaker includes an eco-friendly message to teach kids about the environment.

Galaxy Star Projector | $35.99

These speakers sound really fantastic to us. Your children’s bedroom will be filled with a dreamy light show projected onto the ceiling. Pair it with any Moshi story for the perfect bedtime routine.

Change in turn to compose different lighting effects to help children inspire curiosity, imagination, and creativity, and explore the mysteries in the starry star.


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