Best Headphones for Kids – What to Consider when Purchasing

Best Headphones for Kids – What to Consider when Purchasing

6 May 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Especially in today’s digital times, kids will eventually need a pair of headphones. Whether they’re for school, road trips, flights, or simply so you don’t have to listen to that Youtube video they’re watching on loop – they’re bound to be on the ‘must have’ list sooner rather than later. It can be tempting to have your old headphones on hand for when your child eventually needs them, but this might not be the best plan of action for multiple reasons:

The best headphones for kids should have a volume limiter as it helps protect their young ears against hearing loss. Studies show that “the ideal headphone for children should limit the volume level, one that would not exceed 80 decibels. Any headphone that allows more than 85 decibels can cause hearing loss or damage chiefly when used for a long time.”

Things to consider when on the hunt for the best headphones for your kids:


Look into the fit of the headphones and their design. Consider how long your child might be using the headphones to help you come to a well-planned decision on cushion and comfort, too.


Kids are constantly growing. The younger your little one is when you first get them headphones, the more flexible you need the headphones to be as they grow. Flexible headbands fit the size of a child’s head more easily and also allow for refitting over time.


Apart from the frustrations of a chord getting tangled, wireless headphones are also great for kids since children can’t seem to sit still. By using wireless headphones, kids are able to move about more freely. The only drawback is that you have to remember to charge them!

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Alyssa Morgan