Celebrate SEL Day with Moshi 1

Celebrate SEL Day with Moshi

5 March 2022 • Words by Allison Henry < 1 min

The theme for the 2023 SEL Day is Uplifting Hearts, Connecting Minds. What better way to celebrate than with the lovable characters of the Moshi world who bring kids joy and calm in school and at home? Moshi uplifts hearts by instilling confidence, empathy, and kindness through storytelling. We connect minds by giving kids the opportunity to learn important SEL and cognitive skills through interactions with their favorite characters. 

Join us on March 10 for #SELDay to amplify the need for SEL in schools and build excitement and creativity for your students and families.  Moshi content serves many purposes related to SEL. It helps kids calm down and gain self-control, teaches SEL skills, and helps kids fall asleep and stay asleep. 

Plan a fun, productive, and engaging SEL Day with Moshi: 

3 Quick Activities for school and home

Mindfulness Cue Cards for on-the-go moments

Goldie and the Tree of Mindfulness 5-Part Lesson Plan

Enjoy this free YouTube playlist featuring some all-time favorite tracks that pair perfectly with the activities and lesson plan.

Be an SEL Advocate:

Share this short video with peers and your admin team on how Moshi is used as an early childhood SEL program.

Share these blogs to provide insight and tips on how SEL is helpful and impactful in school and at home.

Allison Henry