First-Time Father Tips

First-Time Father Tips

6 June 2022 • Words by Stefano Ceppi 3 mins

Doing anything for the first time can often bring a feud of mixed emotions to the surface. Becoming a father is not an exception. I went through this experience about 13 years ago while working long hours at a restaurant in London, so if you wonder what my takeaways from the experience are, you’re in luck!

First-Time Father Tips and Tricks


I am a huge fan of sleeping, and if you are too, prepare for some disruption. Expecting mothers usually have trouble sleeping for longer than three to four consecutive hours during the last few months of pregnancy. Non-pregnant people do not undergo the same physiological changes as pregnant ones and can sleep uninterrupted until the baby comes home.


I am also a fan of eating; good nutrition is essential at this time, especially for new mothers.  


In a time like this, mindfulness can provide the mental resilience required to maintain composure and serenity through the highs and lows. You are likely to experience a full range of emotions; giving yourself just ten minutes can make a huge difference.


Bonding with your baby is important for you and them. A 2021 study by Ronja Schaber et al. highlighted the importance of father-infant bonding.

Bonus tip: Take paternity leave if you can! Use your holiday or vacation time if you are not entitled to any. Much will change in your life, and having time to adapt will pose a great advantage. The first few weeks will be the hardest, but remember, they are only a few weeks!

I hope you find these tips helpful and wish you all the best in this new life chapter you are about to enter. Congratulations!

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