FruFru’s Top Five Cat Breeds for Kids

FruFru’s Top Five Cat Breeds for Kids

12 May 2022 • Words by Nicole Donne 3 mins

Cats are beneficial for the well-being of kids and grown-ups alike. There are entire studies dedicated to the psychological benefits that pets have on humans. The Comfort from Companion Animals Scale (Beck & Katcher, 1983) and the Lexington Attachment to Pets Survey (Johnson, Garrity & Stallones, 1992) evaluate the relationships between humans and pets.

According to veterinarian and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society Gary Weitzman, there is genuine scientific reasoning why we are so soothed and calmed by the purring of a cat. The frequency of vibrations (25Hz – 100Hz) corresponds with established healing frequencies in therapeutic treatments. According to research, bone healing responds to 25-50Hz whereas 100Hz affects soft tissues.  Extra kitty healing powers for active kids.

Pets help children learn valuable life lessons!  

From caring for others, and empathy skills, biology and anatomy, responsibility – and a sense of companionship and unconditional love. According to a study in 2021 by Concordia University in Montreal, pets can improve children’s sleep quality too. Those are all in addition to the silly and hilarious things cats do to make us laugh and keep us entertained every day!

When considering the purr-fect pet for your family home, a popular choice is a family cat! What breeds are best? Which are most affectionate and calm? Which needs the most attention? The kitten-like FruFru, a Snooty Oolala in the world of Moshi, is here to help you choose!

FruFru’s guide to the top five best cat breeds for kids:


The Abyssinian is a clever, loving cat who has quick reactions – ideal for making sure they don’t get squished or stepped on by a wayward toddler. They also tend to get along with other cats and often dogs too. Active and curious, this breed will join your kids on adventures around the house – and outdoors if they are an outside cat.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a large and sociable cat – often nicknamed a ‘gentle giant’. They have extra big polydactyl paws and don’t mind the cold – perfect for families who live in a place with snowy winters.  They are excellent cuddlers and their fluffy fur makes a great pillow.


It’s in the name – when they are picked up, this breed goes limp like a ragdoll. However, this is a defense mechanism as they tend to have a lower pain threshold than other cats. They have a soft meow and are usually very gentle and undemanding. They are excellent companion cats for older children who relax while watching television, doing homework or reading a book. 


Siamese cats have soft fur, beautiful blue eyes and a very calm temperament. Affectionate and talkative, they encourage kids to have a dialogue with their meowing buddy.

Selkirk Rex

A rarer cat breed, the Selkirk Rex has curly fur.  The cat equivalent to a poodle, they are known as the cat in sheep’s clothing. Children will love the sensory element of curly fur. They are fairly lively and love attention.

FruFru would like to also remind families to consider a rescue cat or kitten. Each year, three million cats arrive at shelters according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (2022).  Perhaps your family’s new kitty is waiting in a shelter for a new lease on life with your family.

And if your little one is obsessed with cats, fill their dreams with FruFru and their friends by listening to Moshi’s bedtime story – FruFru’s Purrfectly Peaceful Cat Café.

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Nicole Donne