Bonding With Your Partner's Child

How to Bond with Your Partner’s Child

3 March 2022 • Words by Alexandra Amodio < 1 min

We’ve progressed past the term “broken” to “blended” to define modern family units. What was once culturally considered the exception is now the rule. For Step-Parents/Guardians, the line between “engaged” and “overstepping” can be a tenuous one. We’ve collected some tips that have worked for members of the Generation Moshi Community on how to bond with your partner’s child that are grounded in patience, authenticity, and respect.


Forming a relationship with another human being takes time. Strengthening that relationship to the point where you have mutual trust and understanding and where you each genuinely feel comfortable being your authentic self takes even more time.


Always speak respectfully about the biological parent. Try to never come between the kids and either of their biological parents. Encourage the kids to spend time with both of their biological parents.

If the children misbehave at home, let your significant other handle discipline. Do not question their methods in front of the kids.


If the child has a big test coming up at school that they are worried about, ask them if they need any assistance studying or with homework in the days leading up to the test.

If the child has a significant performance or sports game in which they are participating, attend it.

If the child enjoys playing tennis, and you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the game, ask them to teach you some strokes.

Blending a family isn’t easy, but an authentic and healthy connection is always worth the effort.

Alexandra Amodio