How to Celebrate the Winter Olympics with Your Kids

How to Celebrate the Winter Olympics with Your Kids

13 February 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Watching the Winter Olympics provides a space for kids to explore different sports and activities they may be interested in, learn about good (and bad) sportsmanship, and discover what it means to truly commit yourself to something grand. In honor of the Winter Olympics, Moshi presents The Moshi Winter Games – a three-sleepisode epic tale for kids of different Olympic-inspired events taking place in the Moshi world. It’s the snowiest, sleepiest sporting event ever, packed with everything from bobsledding and ice sculpting to downhill snowball throwing. Brrr-illiant.

Sleepisode 1 – The Moonlit Moshi Bobsled

Take a moonlit bobsled ride down the mighty Splatterhorn alongside a team of Moshlings in this, the opening event of the Moshi Winter Games. The Moshi Bobsled is a strangely calming event because the sound of the sleds carving down the twisting ice track is rather soothing, especially alongside the sound of tinkling cowbells. Icely does it.

Sleepisode 2 – Moshi Ice Sculpting

Relax and hear all about the icy masterpieces our Moshling friends are creating beneath the mighty Splatterhorn. Ice sculpting has never been dreamier. Includes the strangely soothing sound of ice being chipped, carved, and shaped. Moshi ice sculpting is a new event in the Moshi Winter Games. Competitors this year include Fitch, a Flat-Tailed Fuzzle who sometimes uses his teeth to chip away at the ice, and Willow, a Dainty Deer with magic antlers that heat up when she wants to smooth out her icy creations. 

Sleepisode 3 – The Moshi Snowball Ski Race

Welcome to the craziest ski race ever, as Moshlings throw snowballs while whooshing down a mountain. The Moshi Snowball Ski Race is a crazy event in which Moshling skiers swoosh down the mighty Splatterhorn wearing special refrigerated backpacks filled with snowballs. Snow kidding, it’s surprisingly sleepy.

Alyssa Morgan