How to Have Better Naptimes for Kids – Easing Naptime Worries

How to Have Better Naptimes for Kids – Easing Naptime Worries

18 March 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Whether it’s separation anxiety or FOMO, it’s common for toddlers to push back when naptimes roll around. According to Dr. Azizi Seixas, “The relationship between FOMO and sleep is cyclical, as shortened sleep can affect stress, emotion, and mood regulation the following day which worsens the feelings of FOMO.” 

Simply put, if your little one is struggling to sleep because of worries then they’re likely to be even more worried in the future due to the lack of sleep.

Here are a few things to help soothe those worries at naptime:

Think about capitalizing on the freedom that comes with your little one napping by doing some self-care activities for yourself. A happy and well-rested parent is a better parent!

Moshi Tracks to Try During Naptimes

Reading a story at naptime can help trigger the same sleepy signals that occur when reading bedtime stories. If you use audio stories or soothing sounds to help your little one snooze at bedtime, like those available on Moshi, be sure to bring those into your naptime routine as well.

Here are a few of our favorite Moshi Stories, Meditations and Sounds for naptime:

Nodkins’ Naptime Dream

Drift away, night or day, with this wonderfully surreal story that tells of a Bedtime Bunny’s fantastical naptime dream. Perfect for naptime, bedtime or anytime. 

Growing a Mind Garden with Pooky

Join Pooky, a super cute Moshling, and slowly create a gorgeous outdoor scene using the power of your imagination. This magical meditation is so relaxing it’s perfect for naptimes.

Flumpy’s White Noise Machine

Flumpy the Pluff has invented a miraculously restful sound, designed to gently soothe the littlest of listeners to sleep. 

To find out the ideal nap time and just how much daytime sleep your little one needs based on their age, check out our blog – ‘What’s the Perfect Naptime for Kids?’.

Alyssa Morgan