How to Show Kindness This Valentine’s Day

How to Show Kindness This Valentine’s Day

11 February 2022 • Words by Nicole Donne < 1 min

As guardians and teachers, it’s important to encourage our kids to show some love and extra kindness, not just around Valentine’s Day but all year long. Kids learn by watching, so inspire them by being a positive role model through kindness and love! 

How to Show Kindness This Valentine’s Day

Polite and respectful

Even when you think they may not be paying attention, be sure to say please and thank you. Kids tend to pick up on more than you think! Being respectful even when you’re frustrated shows our little ones that it is always possible to be patient – even when we have a million tasks on our to-do list. 

Kindness is a strength

Stopping what we are doing in order to help someone makes you (and them!) feel good. Asking your kids to help you with something you’re working on promotes collaboration and contribution. Take that extra moment to say hello to a neighbor, or pop by to see someone that may need your support. And be sure to bring your little one along!

Kindness at home

Encourage teamwork at home – even when it comes to chores. Ask their opinion on small things so they know they are a very important member of ‘Team Family’, and ensure positive reinforcement when they are helpful or extra kind with their friends and siblings

Kindness is contagious

After school, ask them about their day and when they were extra kind or helpful to their teacher or other students. Be sure to ask when someone was extra kind or helpful to them, too. Reflection is a great tool to help kids grasp the full concept of what kindness means to them.

Nicole Donne