How to Teach Children Compassion

How to Teach Children Compassion

1 June 2022 • Words by Elle Walsh 2 mins

The more we give, the more we receive. Caring and looking out for other people is important to cultivate in our children. Children naturally want to be kind. Each time they add value or do something nice, their little heart grows too and it makes them feel valued and loved. Teaching children compassion helps them strengthen the relationships around them. It encourages tolerance and acceptance of others.

In what ways can we teach our children compassion?

Moshi tracks to try:

Fuddy the Pudgy Fubble

Find out how Fuddy’s friends finally learn that kindness is a strength, not a weakness, in this sleepy fable featuring naughty Glumps, jammed saucepans and a very helpful Moshling.

Fifi’s Uptown Dressing Down

In this splendidly sleepy story, a snooty Oochie Poochie learns some valuable lessons about kindness versus greed during a glitzy shopping trip on Ooh La Lane.

Cali’s Rockpool of Inclusivity

Learn how a mermaid celebrates differences and welcomes new friends who drift in and out of the rockpool where she chills. A short but heartwarming Moshi Moment.

Elle Walsh