How to Use Moshi to Keep the Carpool Calm | Travel/Offline Mode

How to Use Moshi to Keep the Carpool Calm | Travel/Offline Mode

24 August 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 3 mins

School is back in session. It’s time to get your kids out the door in record time, which can likely result in a bit of chaos. This is especially so if you have multiple children in the same car journey to school. And if you’re like millions of other parents around the world – a calm start to the day can help you get off on the right foot. Moshi is here to help!

Moshi is a safe space for you and your children to explore challenging moments and transitions. Whether it’s trouble sleeping, the first day of school or simply creating five minutes of calm, Moshi can be there alongside you. You can use Moshi at any time of the day – from meditations or music in the mornings to Moshi Stories for your bedtime routine. Bite-sized meditations and breathing exercises will help your children relax and calm down whenever they need it the most.

And what’s even better is that Moshi can be listened to in many different and useful ways. 

Listening to Moshi Offline

If you wish to listen to Moshi content offline, you can download it to your device*.

To download a story on your device:

Unfortunately, if you are already offline, you won’t be able to download a story. All downloaded stories are stored on your device*, only if you have enough storage capacity. It’s also important to note that when launching the app while offline you will only be able to open the profile you last used. Make sure you’re logged into your account while still connected to wifi to ensure you have access once the connection is dropped. If you’re logged out, then you won’t be able to access your downloaded tracks offline.

Want to free up some space and download new tracks? You can delete downloaded tracks from your device by tapping the “Settings” icon on the home screen and selecting “Delete All Downloaded Stories.”

*Please note that downloaded stories require the Moshi app to be played, they cannot be played without it

Connecting Moshi to Your Car’s Bluetooth

Most vehicles now have the capability of connecting to mobile devices through Bluetooth. Here’s how to take advantage of this feature with Moshi.

To broadcast Moshi on your Bluetooth speaker:

Best Moshi Content for Car Journeys

Here are just a few of our favorite Moshi tracks to help your little ones remain calm while in the car and also set them up for a wonderful day at school. Looking for some tips on how to keep kids entertained while traveling? Click here!

Patience with Doris and Topsy Turvy

We bring you a Moshi Moment that explains why waiting for things is part of life. Doris’s knitting hobby requires patience so she teaches her impatient friend Topsy Turvy some distraction techniques to help him out. Filled with funny characters, soothing piano and calming storytelling, we bet kids can’t wait to listen.

Awesome Vibes with Blingo

Enjoy a Moshi Moment that will fill little listeners with awesome vibes as they learn how Blingo the Flashy Fox focuses on the power of positivity. Featuring tips, tricks, jazzy music and some fun self-affirmations, this is perfect for boosting your mood and upping your ‘tude.

Tranquil Travels – Moshi Playlist

Make any journey taken a calm and relaxed one with this specially curated playlist for traveling. Featuring:

Want to access Moshi in your car through Spotify? Now you can! Check out our recent blog, Opening Access to Moshi with Spotify Integration, for more details. 

Alyssa Morgan