5 Top Back to School Tips For Parents

5 Top Back to School Tips For Parents

29 July 2020 • Words by Lauren Breedlove 3 mins

Going back to school is an exciting time, but it can also mean varying levels of stress and anxiety. Adapting to a new schedule can be daunting for some children and tricky to navigate for parents. Luckily, there are some practical strategies and tips that can make a big impact in easing anxieties linked to starting the school year

Here are five tips for dealing with back-to-school fears that you can apply to a wide range of ages:

Introduce a new routine gradually

When transitioning from the carefree summer months, setting up a routine that eases your kids into the new school year will help them get into a comfortable groove. Discussing and setting rules ahead of time for homework, studying, screen time, and playtime on school days is crucial so expectations are well-known beforehand. 

Mentally prepare them 

Bringing up the subject of school can get the academic mindset flowing as summer starts to wrap up. Chat about plans for the beginning of the school year, focusing on the fun, positive aspects, including the things they enjoyed about the previous year. To get the dialogue rolling, you can ask questions about what your child is looking forward to, like their favorite subjects and classes. This can get them talking about school in a happy, healthy way and encourage them to mentally prepare for the upcoming year. 

For example, you could ask: 

Ease into a sleep schedule

Sleep. Is. Crucial. Getting a good night’s rest is the foundation of a successful day and the school year as a whole. Creating a school sleep routine before the end of summer break will help avoid the bedtime battles when you get to “back to school eve.” Gradually set a new bedtime to ease out of the lax summer schedule to make this a smoother task. Moshi is a great resource, combining mindfulness and sleep through enchanting audio stories, music, and soothing sounds all within one magic app.

Connect with teachers and classmates

Establishing a connection between your child and their new teacher will ease some of the nervousness of the first day. Teachers are usually willing and happy to support a positive experience for your child. Prepare an email to send your child’s teacher over the summer with a short intro. Be sure to include any questions you or your child have about the upcoming school year. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling. 

Linking up with friends or other students from the same classroom can add an extra level of comfort for your child, too. Planning a playdate with a familiar face will make a big difference! It’ll give them something to look forward to as school time gets closer. 

Get organized as a family 

Sometimes just getting things in order before starting something new can create a sense of readiness. Creating a family calendar to stick on the wall or fridge is a fun way to involve the kids and provide a visual source to refer back to. If they take part in making it with you, they’ll feel included in the plan-making. In turn, helping create a sense of control and eases nerves.

Encouraging your child to pick out school snacks or make lunches together is another great way to get them involved. We all know food is a great motivator! Including a surprise note for your child to find in their lunch bag is a little boost of love that’s sure to provoke a mid-day smile.

Preparing your child ahead of time for what to expect can prevent those frazzled, anxious feelings and open your child’s mind up for fun and learning instead. Utilize these tips to help to ease the back-to-school jitters for you and your child.

Lauren Breedlove