Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

3 May 2022 • Words by Stefano Ceppi 2 mins

I grew up in Italy where Mother’s Day isn’t widely celebrated, for the most part. In the run-up to Mother’s Day, when I was a young boy, we would craft something at school and deliver it on the day.

My kids were born in England, though. In the UK, Mothering Sunday falls on the first Sunday of May. Restaurants have special menus for lunch, spring is finally in the air and the promise of life and good days is at hand’s grasp. The entire feeling of the day is completely different from what I grew up with – the only thing in common being the purpose (i.e. celebrating our mothers).

Fret not young fathers on the search for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts! Presents and lunches are often enjoyed but forgotten.

Flowers wilt but cards can stand the test of time. One of my favorite Roman sayings is: “Verba volant scripta manent.” Which translates into, “Words fly, writings remain.”

When my father passed away, he still had some of his day cards in his bedside table drawer. A clay porcupine I made for mother’s day in the 80s is still around my mother’s apartment. So, don’t panic if you’ve had no time to get THAT dress, book a table at THAT restaurant or order THAT bouquet. If my years on this earth have taught me one thing, it’s that the thought really does count.

Not much can beat a card with a handprint and a scribbled, “Happy Mother’s Day!” Add in a messy plate of French toast for breakfast, and you’re set. Adding a personal touch to something as mundane as a piece of A4 paper can create a snapshot of that moment in time. It’s something to be cherished for many years to come.

Of course, a massage, a manicure or anything in that ballpark has never been known to go a miss!

Here’s the kicker. A card can be as beautiful and thoughtful as you’d like to be, but it will mean nothing unless you take some time to celebrate motherhood and create memories. The photos and the videos can wait. Being present is a beautiful gift that is seldom unappreciated.

There is something beautiful about finding joy in the mundane. But seriously, a SPA treatment is (kind of) bulletproof as a last-minute Mother’s Day gift.

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