Meditation Technique for Kids – Mind Sweeping

Meditation Technique for Kids – Mind Sweeping

2 March 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan < 1 min

Mind sweeping is a meditation technique for kids that involves imagining a broom sweeping away all the cluttered and negative thoughts that have taken root in our minds. Practicing meditation, such as mind sweeping, has been shown to reduce levels of stress, enhance self-awareness, and improve coping skills.

Dewy’s Blissful Mind Broom is a Moshi Meditation that guides listeners step-by-step through mind sweeping. Listeners can sweep worries away in this fun and uplifting session that explains how Dewy clears clutter from his mind with an imaginary magic broom. It’s easy to understand and something that listeners of all ages can quickly pick up and join in on.


Use this Moshi Meditation as a way to teach your class about negative thoughts and emotion management. You can even have your students create their very own visual representation of a mind broom to make mind sweeping even more engaging and easily understandable. Students can then use their mind broom to write about negative thoughts or any thoughts they are having, make a strong connection to ELA.


We all dread the moment when our children have a bad day. Dewy’s Blissful Mind Broom is perfect for those moments when they need to shake off the blues. It’ll help them work through their emotions and, in turn, come out on the other side in a much more positive mindset.

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Alyssa Morgan