How Fostering Imagination Can Help Kids Relax

How Fostering Imagination Can Help Kids Relax

24 February 2022 • Words by Alyssa Morgan 2 mins

Remember when you were a kid and the whole world could be a playground through the power of imagination? According to Psychology Today, imagination is not only a great tool to help kids have fun but can also help them relax, strengthen their problem-solving skills, build their communication skills, and also enhance their emotional expression.

Benefits of fostering imagination in kids

One of the easiest ways to help our children explore their imaginations is through imagery. Teaching kids how to take “mini mind-vacations” can help them:

Guided imagery, the creation of images and sensations within our minds to elicit relaxed responses, is the perfect tool to help get both the mind and body in a calm and relaxed state for kids and adults.

Guided relaxations through Moshi Moments

Moshi Moments are short, easy-to-follow relaxations specifically designed for children.

5 Minute Stream of Calm with Yawnsy is a calming meditation in which listeners imagine their thoughts drifting by on a stream. Each thought is exemplified by a squishy little Moshi-mallow raft, one of which Yawnsy is floating on.


Use this Moshi Moment as a wind-down tool after high-energy activities (i.e physical education and recess) or at the end of the school day. Use this reflection guide and accompanying coloring sheet, too!


5 Minute Stream of Calm with Yawnsy is perfect for after-school wind-down, before homework, and as relaxation before your little one’s bedtime routine.

How imagination can help adults

As adults, we can still utilize our imagination to help reduce anxiety and stress levels, which is also why fostering imagination at a young age is so important. Without learning how to use our imaginations skillfully, we would worry ourselves non-stop as we get older and come into contact with more difficult aspects of life. 

It may feel silly at first, but using these guided relaxations can help us activate a part of our minds we thought hadn’t existed for years and years and in turn help us relax like we never thought possible.

Alyssa Morgan